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sabio's Journal

sabio (spanish):

Literally, "wise."
Actually, "arrogant."

    You see, while every Spanish-to-English dictionary will define "sabio" as "wise," calling yourself wise is inarguably arrogant. Hence, my name.

    I sing opera and folk, act, improvise, pray, laugh manaically, arch my eyebrows, take care of little kids, read sci-fi, fantasy and nonfiction, look at the sky and make plans which rely on so many hypotheticals that, in a caring universe, Occam's Razor would have sliced all to shreds long ago.

    Take the following example: I was in the Temple Bar in Bellingham recently and I was bragging about being good at running meetings. So I am asked to describe my technique. I go on to elucidate something along the lines of "Let's refocus our discussion on the matter at hand" and this fellow says, "That would never work in a real group." So I let him in on my little secret: I have secretly rigged the chairs in my hypothetical meeting room with electrical shockers, controlled by buttons underneath my own arm rest. Fellow doubts my ability to keep the meeters in their chairs, so I gently remind him about the squad of growling, baying attack dogs commanding the other side of the only door to the room. He goes silent.